Friday, October 31, 2008

October Book Club

We enjoyed discussing the book Wicked at a coffee shop. We decided it was easier just to meet at a coffee shop then to host at someone's house, so this will probably be our new meeting place. After book club we walked to the used book store and picked out November's book together.


Paul and Amy Barton said...

Hey Debbie, it's your old friend Amy Stapley!!! Now Amy Barton though, I was skimming through the BHS blog site and saw you and I wanted to see what you are up to. It is so fun to see what is going on in your life, and your smile is still as bright as ever and I love this book club coffee house idea:) If you want come check me out at have a great day!

J and B Martin said...

Alright Debbie- we have waited just over a month now.. Update your blog! We want to see what's happening over in SF! Oh, and when are you guys coming out here?