Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California Weather

I know I already commented on the California weather, but I had to share this. Everyday my students and I add a picture of the weather to our weather graph. Then we count how many sunny, rainy, windy, and snowy days the month has had and talk about the graph. This is a great activity, but not in California. First of all I had to completely throw out the snow picture because we don't get snow. Secondly, everyday we have been in school for the month of October has been sunny, so now student can't compare weather, and finally I am running out of pictures of the sun and space on the chart for sunny days. It is so difficult to teach math when every day is a sunny, breezy 78 degrees.


Katie said...

I feel SO bad for you! Oh, but not really. I'm freezing today! But I do totally understand how that would be hard when doing your weather graphing at school. What used to throw my kids off was the fact that it could be sunny in the morning when we graphed the weather and then blizzarding by lunch. We had to discuss the fact that the weather can change very quickly. (At least here in Utah!) :) Sigh. I miss teaching. I like to hear about teaching experiences from my friends who are still doing it.

Heather said...

oh thats so rough! ha ha....i wish..One day its snowing here, the next its sunny, go figure! Just enjoy the weather!!

J and B Martin said...

Ha ha..I know the feeling. Most of our October days have been sunny too- our graph sure does fill up. Soon enough we'll only have snowy days though. I think I'd rather have the sun!