Monday, March 14, 2011


I keep thinking about writing this blog.  I think about my mom all the time.Now that I am a mother. I am so grateful for everything she did for me. Note: In this picture I'm the baby.

I miss my mom everyday,
and not because she's far away
I miss the stories we shared each night
The soft glow of my small night light

I miss the homemade bread
smothered end to end with butter
and opening my  sack lunch each day
a sandwich with creamy peanut butter.

I miss building snowmen in the yard.
Sledding down the hill together,
Sipping hot chocolate slowly
after playing  in  cold weather.

Dancing in the costumes
She sewed on her machine
speghetti, stir fry, chicken
and her famous taco beans.

I miss the music that we played
on our piano side by side
the way our fingers touched
the keys and sometimes would collide

I watch my daughter sleeping
and pray that I will be
half of the  mother to her
that my mother was to me.

to be continued.. .  .


Autumn said...

Debbie, your post was so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Steve Martin said...

Loved it! Aren't Mom and Dad Great...