Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Olympics

Another solid victory for team Erickson at the first annual Baby Olympic Event on Sunday March 6.  The contenders met at the Flore's Field  to celebrate the upcoming birth of baby Dalton by participating in a series of baby themed Olympic games.

During the first game, Measuring the Belly, each player took a piece of ribbon and tried to guess the circumference of Darcy's belly.  The event was close with a show down between Diahanna and Debbie; however Debbie's string was spot on and Diahanna's was off by a few centimeters.  Victory point one for team Erickson.

The guest then enjoyed three rounds of baby charades.Everyone at the event wrote down three words or phrases about a  baby and placed their responses in a jar.  The players in the room were divided into two teams. Team two Ericksons, Daltons, Katie, Tia, and Terry,  and Team One everyone else. 

The first round each player tried to get their team member to guess the word on the card by using other words to describe it.    The team had one minute to guess as many words as they could from the jar.  The jar was passed from team to team until all the cards were guessed.  The team with the most slips of paper at the end won.  Round 1:  Team two, thanks mainly to the Ericksons.

Round 2:  The teams had to guess the words on the same slips of papers by only using two words. Surprisingly, team one took this round, but team two was prepared to take the final round.  This was their strength acting out the words.   After an intense round.  Team 2 was victorious.  Victory point two for Ericksons.

The final game was the a relay race including blowing up a balloon and putting it under maternity clothes, sucking water out of a bottle, eating a jar of baby food, changing a baby doll's clothes, and swaddling them in a blanket.  The race was close between the two teams.  The most challenging part was drinking from the bottle and Flores used the squeeze the bottle and suck technique  and Espinoza could not get the latching right and threw in the towel..  It was not even close.  Team Erickson/Dalton/Flores won.

There was still speculation that team Erickson cheated, but team captain, Debbie, believes , "It is just because everyone else is a sore loser and can't handle the fact that we are  winners and have the skills to back up."

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Scott said...

There's always speculation that team Erickson cheats, but we love them anyway.