Monday, January 17, 2011

Miss America Pageant

To the Miss America Committee Members:

Last nights airing of the Miss America Pageant was delightful.    I'm truly grateful there is a scholarship program based on beauty after all everyone knows this is a woman's greatest asset.  As the host mentioned," This pageant is teaching the girls life skills. " including how to keep a straight face after being eliminated from the swimsuit competition due to thunder thighs,  answering political questions without actually answering anything, and showing grace while wearing a sequin gown from the 1980's. I was brought to tears when Miss Arizona dedicated her performance to that poor congress woman.  I thought the pageant was a great place to address such a tragedy and I'm glad she could use it to her advantage. The event was also filled with humor.  I laughed at Miss Utah's introduction "Tonight all 52 contestants share a dream not a husband. "  I'm glad she brought light to this controversial topic instead of talking about the awesome snow, Olympics, or the beautiful National Parks in Southern Utah.  I also chuckled at the silly comments the girls made throughout the night like..." my favorite shoes are my pink cowboy boots and I just like to let my hair down."  Thank you again for putting on a fabulous show.  I can't wait for next year maybe the winner will be Miss California this time. 

Debbie Erickson
Anytown, CA

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James and Melissa said...

I love this! But I have to admit that our lack of television actually left me a little disappointed that I couldn't actually watch it!