Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cheating Allegations During Rice Cereal Event

Aspen Kate Erickson's victory at the first annual  Rice Cereal Competition on New Year's Day is currently under investigation.  Late in the afternoon somewhere between nap time and the early evening feeding 
the three contenders, Layla Casumbal, Natalie Polk, and Aspen Erickson, met at Carla's house for the
event.  All the babies were eager to try the cereal for the first time. The contestants donned their bibs and sat in their mom's lap while the cereal was heated, prepared, and placed in small plastic bowls by the officiator Brad Polk.On the count of three all babies began eating the cereal with assistance from their mommy coaches who placed the spoons carefully in their mouths.  Aspen ate like a hungry caterpillar hardly spitting any of the cereal out and crying because her mom was not going fast enough.She finished the whole bowl in a matter of minutes. Layla used the try and cry technique. She would try a little bit and then cry. She tuckered out after about five bites.   Finally, Natalie  tried, cried, and ultimately gave up by clenching her mouth shut. After the competition was over new evidence surfaced indicating that Aspen practiced with a spoon and water prior to the event.  The investigator John Dalton believed this put her at an unfair advantage, "she should be disqualified" he spoke out at the press hearing after the contest. It is still unclear if Aspen actually tried rice cereal before the New Year's event. Her mommy coach insist that the package was never opened; however there is also speculation that Aspen was starving before the contest which made it easier for her to down the entire bowl. Aspen's first place ribbon is currently being held until this matter is sorted out.

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