Thursday, July 30, 2009

Internet Down

We had an internet catastophe on Tuesday. Every once in a while our internet shuts off. This seems normal to me, but this of course is unacceptable to David. He gets frustrated if the internet is not functioning at the highest speed. I woke up Tuesday morning to the note "Don't touch anything in the closet the internet is down. " David didn't want me to reset the internet because he needed comcast to come see that it was down. He called Comcast and they couldn't come until Wednesday. This was the best news that I have heard all summer it meant David would be all mine and I wouldn't have to compete with the computer. We played games,ate dinner together, talked, and watched T.V. I wish the internet would go down more often; however, all good things must come to an end. The next day I recieved the following text from David. "Tech showed up. We checked the logs and everyone in our area is having the same problem. I'm of course just the only one to follow through and report it. " (I think that this proves David is on the computer way too much. ) The second text he sent said this "Not only that, but the problem was exactly what I thought it was" Wow! a students with a Masters Degree from Stanford in networking diagnosed the problem. David gets a gold star.
Note: David with his two wives.

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Chris said...

If you would like, I can tell you how to make the internet go down and make it look like an accident... Even Dave would be helpless :)

I agree :) He plays WoW way too much. :D