Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Uncle Jerry's Party

I downed lots of Claritin and left the beach behind.
I was going to Jerry’s Jubilee to have a great time.
I won a pink quilt tied with tiny blue stitches
And left with a leg full of mosquito bite itches

Trisa went on bike rides and made taco dinner
However this year she was not a quilt winner
Saturday Keith and Steve arrived there in style
Just in time for pictures and to joke for a while

Jon water skied. He’s the true iron man
He rode on his bike And he ran and he ran
Larissa was creative with our tee shirts’ design
She calmed crying babies and kids that would whine

Michelle saved the day with ten pizza pies
That soon disappeared right before our eyes.
Danny made a rocket that really did fly
It shot up pop bottle. Everyone wanted a try

Austin jumped and jumped and jumped some more
The trampoline he found was never a bore
Sophie and Aurianna loved the little kiddie pool
One night they had a sleepover because it was cool

Kalli was so sweet in her ladybug suit
She pet all the dogs. She thought they were cute
Madelynn rode horses, jumped, and swam
She also got a stuffed horse from her great gram.

Joe and Biannca are always lots of fun
They skied on the lake and soaked up the sun
There were horses and bikes and fun all around
Who would have thought Blackfoot was a happenin’ town

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Chaci said...

Deb, you're such a talented writer...love the poem!