Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fruit Snack Miracle

I have a funny miracle to share. I think it is especially funny because it happened at church. Anyway I teach 6 year olds in primary and I bought a box of fruit snacks for a treat. The box said that is contained 10 fruit snacks which is normally the perfect amount for my class. I debated at the store if I should buy another box, but I was feeling cheap and decided that there would probably be some students on summer vacation so this box would be sufficient and if I was lucky there would be one left for me. Today; however, there ended up being 11 students because I had a visitor. I told my students that they would each have to give the visitor one fruit snack. I began to pass out the fruit snacks and skipped the visitor, but then I got to the bottom of the box and there was still one left over. It was as if the fruit snack appeared from no where. I gave the extra fruit snack to the visitor and then started to count the students again and again. 11 student and 11 fruit snacks from a 10 fruit snack box. It was a fruit snack miracle. It reminded me of the story of Jesus feeding 5000; however, on a much smaller scale.

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