Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Year in Review

How well do you know the Ericksons?

1. David is continuing to work on his PhD in computer science at Stanford. What is his expected date of graduation?

a) 2020

b) 2013

c) Looking forward to a postdoc

d) this spring

2. Besides taking care of the baby, Debbie has acquired many new talents. Which project is NOT currently on her to do list?

a) creating a preschool website

b) scuba diving

c) video editing

d) writing a book

3. We were able to get away for a family adventure at the following location

a) Disneyland

b) Hawaii

c) New York City

d) Europe

4. What is the name of our adorable baby girl?





5. Besides learning to walk and dance, Aspen has acquired several new words. What is her favorite new word?




all of the above

This year has been filled with many adventures. We are truly blessed. Merry Christmas!


The Van Leeuwen Family said...

thats so cute!!

Autumn said...

The video wouldn't load as I'm on African internet and it tends to be SLOOOOWWWWW...but just wanted to say I got all 5 of your answers correct on your family test! Wahooo!
Love you!