Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ten Ten Reason you know you are a teacher in East Palo Alto

After finishing my first year of teaching in East Palo Alto, I thought it would be funny to create a top ten list of my experiences. The following stories are all true.

10. Your classroom windows are full of bullet holes

9. Your students often tell you they can't wait to more from East Palo Alto because they are tired of hearing the sirens and gun shots outside their window.

8. Your students offer to raise money to help bail a student's father out of jail by selling lemonade.

7. The house across the street advertises a "barbeque" every Friday aka weed for sale.

6. Drug Deals are often spotted at the bus stop

5. The teachers are forced to call 911 on Saturday due to a suspicious man carrying a gun.

4. The students are afraid of the white children on the field trip to San Francisco

3. The school is place on lock down after a police man is spotted with his gun drawn running through the campus. He was looking for a junior high student with a gun.

2. The school is placed on yet another lock down when the SWAT team decides to do a drug bust on a house across the street while students are being dropped off in the morning.

1. During a teacher party the SWAT team is spotted yet again running through the neighbor's yard. No one is alarmed and the party continues, but the teachers decide next time they should invite the SWAT team because they are in the neighborhood so often.

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Jocee Bergeson said...

WOW Debbie - sounds like you've had quite a teaching experience. Fun to read about! Thanks for adding your link to our BHS Class of 2000 BLOG - please help me spread the word by emailing or calling anyone from our class so we can get most of our classmates on there. So fun to reconnect. Thanks for your help! :)